Bookmarket Eatery

About Us

The Bookmark[et] Eatery is a new dining venue located on the ground floor of the Herman B Wells Library. We offer a blend of international cuisine and local favorites at our five micro-restaurants and convenient Grab & Go options. Everyone is welcome to enjoy a meal at the Bookmark[et] Eatery, including IU faculty, staff, students and campus visitors. Find nutrition information at NetNutrition® under the "Other Locations Accepting I-BUCKS" section.

Forms of Payment

We accept various forms of payment:

  • I-BUCKS 60, I-BUCKS 25, and FLEX BUCKS plans
  • Crimson Card
  • Visa, Discover, Mastercard, and American Express
  • Cash

Just a reminder for I-BUCKS 60 plan holders. Use of I-BUCKS at this location does reduce the plan's total purchasing power. The more spent; the greater loss in purchasing power due to the lower discount percentage.

$10 Retail Purchase

Bookmark[et] Eatery
7.50 I-BUCKS
RPS Dining & Campus Cafe
4.00 I-BUCKS